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Elissa Lacoste


Elissa Lacoste is a french designer and artist. She lives and works in Montréal, Canada since 2019.

Hands-on and instinctive, Elissa Lacoste’s work stems from her quest for the wild, the inexplicable and the sensorial within contemporary boundaries. Unconventionally textured and vibrant, her sculptural pieces linger between the real and the surreal while maintaining a hint of functionality. In her work, she evokes an otherness to reflect upon our relationship to our physical environment, be it anthropogenic or natural.


Master of Arts in Fine Arts and Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. : Contextual design

5 months ERASMUS Exchange at Latvian Art Academy, Riga, Latvia. : Fashion, textile, glass, metal, drawing departments

Bachelor in design DNAP, School of Art and Design Saint-Etienne, France. : Multidisciplinary design, graphic, space, object



Camp Design Gallery | Group show Sur face | Milan

Art Rotterdam | Group show by Everyday Gallery | Rotterdam

CID Le Grand-Hornu | Group exhibition Nature Morte/Nature Vivante | Belgium


Camp Design Gallery | Group show Movimento | Milan

Paris Design Week | Group show The Vijf club, Le Off | Paris

Everyday Gallery_yyy | Group show Nude | Antwerp

London Design Festival | Mint shop Raw | London

Paris Design Week | Le Off The Vijf club | Paris

Alfa.Brussels | 2 months Art Residency by Everyday Gallery_yyy | Brussels


Madrid Design Festival | Functional Art, Galería 6mas1 | Madrid

Dutch Design Week | Design Academy Eindhoven G18 | Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week | The biggest living room in the Netherlands | Eindhoven


PASSAGEN Interior Design Week | Homo Ludens | Köln


Museum of Art & Industry | Pas Feutrés | Saint-Etienne

Taverne Gutenberg | Inauguration group exhibition Hybride | Lyon

Maison&Objet | Inspirations Space Wild | Paris

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne | Restaurant éphémère | Saint-Etienne


Artist assistant for performance artist Lili Ullrich for one month project in Colombia

Artist assistant for artist sculptor Jean Brillant, Montréal, Canada

Body design for Lili Ullrich’s performance at Queering the church Club Lourdes, The

Hague, The Netherlands

Realisation of realistic wearable body parts for Marica De Michelle Dutch Design Week

graduation show, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

3 months internship at Sebastian Errazurriz Studio, New York, USA