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Mauritz Verlinden


Mauritz Verlinden (1995, Bruges, BE) embroiders, using needle, thread, and textiles. Originally

trained as a painter, the limitations of which brought him to textures he found in textiles. From

weaving, he moved towards embroidery which allowed him great precision and free movement.

Abundantly colorful and rich, Mauritz Verlinden’s language grows organically from stitch to

stitch, into cosmic visuals. His freestyle embroidered lines and shapes vary from figurative to

abstract, and from what looks like a painting to sculpture. After years of play and practice, his

materials and textures slowly lead their own way.

Mauritz Verlinden is trained as a painter at Sint Lucas in Antwerp before graduating as a Master

in 2017. His work has been exhibited at KOPland Antwerp (2019), De Tank Bruges (2018),

To Be Antwerp (2017), CC Scharpoord Knokke (2016) among others