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Everyday Gallery

Stéphane Abitbol


In his Brussels atelier, the visual artist and plasticien Stéphane Abitbol paints, burns, and sprays. You can walk around

and would experience the nomenclature of old drawings, wrapped paintings, pallets, all resting on a bed of slashes

and scars left by the process of one's explorations.

It is extremely compelling for one to see the intertwinement of objects, rubbles, and things, crumbling around like the

marble shards of a stone carver finding its way into the material.

In his multidisciplinary practice, even tough being focalized on painting, Abitbols finds that everything comes in with a

sense of balance: Materiality and space, physicality and intellect, fragility and caos. The surface of the painting

becomes a place of tension and allows Abitbols to fuse into a variety of conflicting emotions which he can then etch

into his canvas.