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Design Miami/ Basel 2021

20.09 26.09.2021

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Anthropocene Adhocism living room

Lionel Jadot


This installation confronts two observations, that of our current world kneaded by mass consumption and that which does not care about the rules and wants to change things. The Anthropocene is a new geological epoch characterized by the advent of humans as the main force of change on Earth, surpassing geophysical forces. This is the age of humans ! That of an unprecedented planetary disorder.

Since 2016 scientists have clearly defined that man is entering this new period and that he is the one who really influences the evolution of our planet and not the other way around. In short, we really messed up, but let’s stay positive, this era is also one of change.

Some speak of

The Anthropocene as a political concept

Because in fact, what we forget is that the challenge of sustainable development for the entire human species exceeds that of the climate challenge.It would be about breaking with the tradition of the “short term” and thinking in “long term”

In short, it is more politics linked to states, a global vision of change focused on action and the local.

We must reinvent the concepts on which leaders rely: what does territory, borders or sovereignty mean in the age of the Anthropocene?

It’s a whole Earth to be invented.

I collect items, scraps, waste, found, bought, received, all used for 30 years, I catalog them in my workshop, I list them, I put them away.

And then I build, I create collisions, meetings, I make cuttings, serendipity is my fairy, I write stories that do not exist, I build my vision of a world where whatever we need cannot be bought, it is around us and then we build it, we assemble it, without rules, without diktats, without fashion, A certain idea of simplicity, honesty and above all freedom.

Text by Lionel Jadot