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Everyday Gallery

History of fantasy

06.05 06.06.2021

Conceived as a sequel to the previous exhibition "Anima Mundi", "History of fantasy" calls for a return to history and narrative. Far from being considered as a monolithic canon, this history is the fruit of memories and absences. "History of fantasy" puts narrative and another relation to time at the forefront of its subject matter, as a counter-fire to the omnipresence of the eternal present of post-modernity.
Memories and forgetfulness recreate an inexact history, a source of digressions, reinventions and variations. The works exhibited in "History of fantasy" explore these historical and memorial reminiscences. Notably through the woven work of Laure Prouvost, representing a stele and using the artistic medium of the narrative cycle par excellence, or through the Celtic-Atlantean tomb effigy of Bella Hunt & Ddc representing an ancient warrior, a true reinvention a posteriori. These creations bring back a historical fantasy that translates into rebirths and formal variations, in the manner of the literary style of heroic fantasy, heir to the ancient or medieval epic tale. We do not know if Bella Hunt & Ddc's bas-reliefs or Jean-Marie Appriou's quasi-Parthian horse are works from forgotten civilizations or the new icons of an imaginary world.

The exhibition will bring together works by Jean-Marie Appriou, Bella Hunt & Ddc, Jean-Baptiste Janisset, Jenna Käes, Jacopo Pagin, and Laure Prouvost.