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Mental' - 'Welcome to Galaswinda

30.11 11.01.2020

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Welcome to Galaswinda - MESSGEWAND Solo Show
MENTAL - Group show featuring Tom Volkaert, Dodi Espinosa, Jacopo Pagin and Travis Fish

MESSGEWAND explores the concept of mental furniture, midway between functional sculpture and nonfunctional design.

HACKING the usual product design process of creating and making, such as thinking, sketching, drawing, modeling. They see each step as a potential final proposal instead of having them linked in a global and closed production loop.

INDEPENDENTLY from each other Messgewand experiments with all these mediums, by keeping them in an open relation, where they all have the same hierarchy regarding the notion of finality.
Challenging the conventional process enables them to give abstract and maximal answers to the design practice that they question.

INTUITIVE and raw collage is the main part of their practice, their favorite and most powerful tool to produce their pieces so far. Their work is a collage of effects including texture, colors, decoration, accessories - combined with poor material, semi-objects and leftovers that they enhance.

By layering, covering, compositions and ornamentation they are able to create dynamic objects, made of contrasts and ambiguity between TRASH AESTHETICS and plastic radicality.