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Everyday Gallery


04.09 05.10.2019

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Nude in the soil, the appearance of the stone, the digital texture. Nude in a society organized around image and social consensus. Nude, reference through history, through painting, materials, through the absolute necessity to be true, natural, pure. NUDE comes to arise in September at the beginning of a new season, as a feeling of purity of the dictates of the contemporary world in which we evolve, beast of bondage for far too long. The spectator will be invited here to contemplate, to feel the limits of the compositions. Letting go in powerful digital visions of allegorical work which will take them to the other side, towards a parallel world where it will be possible to observe our world through a study of these limits, of these territories, in order to understand their essence.

For NUDE, we bring together Natacha Mankowski, Thom Trojanowski, Steven The Carpenter and Elissa Lacoste in an exhibition that creates an unexpected and complex dialogue between their respective works and practices.

From this group, the strength of the materials that surround us, without any ceremonial, brutal and beautiful, stands out. A wild and instinctive quest of form, a questioning of this, the sensation of the textures under the fingers.

NUDE intelligently mixes different entities that all interrelate in order to create this visual and narrative substance, around the earth, the touch, the senses. Boris Devis, managing director of Everyday Gallery, continues his research as an innovative and radical curator by inviting four contemporary artists, all speaking across different media, but sharing the same need to create their own language to express themselves fully.