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Everyday Gallery

Softalism + Tumulus

18.01 14.03.2020

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‘SOFTALISM', the first solo show of touche—touche. The exhibition’s title is a neologism that invites the invention of a concept that may emphasise the sensual relation we form with our sourroundings. touche—touche will make us explore the confines of one of the most sacred of places: the bedroom.

Carolin Gieszner (1989, DE) and Théo Demans (1992, FR) work and live together as the couple duo touche—touche.
They developped a hybrid creation process by placing their work in the scenographic realm as much as the curatorial practice and that of functional installations.
Moving from the museum to the theatre world, designing night clubs or a recording studio to immersive cinema rooms and galleries they are implementing their practice through a collaborative journey.

The evasive practice of touche—touche, transports the viewer to an empire of dreamlike experience and tactile illusions.
Melting tiles, soft rocks, absurd gravity and abstract sciences are some of the matters they employ: simulated textures and artificiality give the viewer a highlighted awareness of touch and redirect objects into a mental image. Senses are played with and pragmatic interaction slowly resides to a secondary position.
Each imagined scene is a reinterpretation of existing cultural traditions. Manufactured in intricate detail, using contemporary materials and techniques, they create new fiction for daily scenarios. Their environments are a free fall in tangible reality.

'TUMULUS' is a group show constructed around the arrangements of archeological sites and the excavation of relics. Questioning how the artistic productions of today will relate to their unraveling in time. This group show will present the works by Leo Luccioni, Thomas Ballouhey, Valentin Vie Bient, and Yoel Pytowski.