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Everyday Gallery

Alcova 2020

16 21.06.2020


Alcova, a platform for independent design. Currently operating as an itinerant network of exhibition spaces across multiple sites in and around Milan, it activates forgotten locations of historical significance, temporarily recasting them as venues for performative activities.

Everyday Gallery presents Messgewand the artistic duo, Romain Coppin and Alexis Bondoux are two freelance designers who together under the name of Messgewand (German for “chasuble” a word which, in French, not only means a priestly vestment but also a colorful sporty tank top.)

Messgewand is a collaborative practice based between Lyon (FR) and Amsterdam (NL). The two designers met nine years ago while studying at applied-arts school in Nevers, France where they bonded over a shared skepticism regarding the product driven nature of their design education. After seven years of education in product/object design, they now use those disciplines as a medium to question aesthetic conventions and define their own plastic language.