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Everyday Gallery

Antwerp Art Weekend 2019

16.05 19.05.2019


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Opening Everyday Gallery

During Antwerp Art Weekend 2019 Everyday Gallery (YYY) Hosted a group show curated by Boris Devis that reflects 2019 as a time capsule for future reference. ‘In Real Life’ will serve as a concept before even becoming one. In the last era on the verge of the virtual and realms of fiction a group of trans-disciplinary artists will dive deep into the radical world of fine and functional arts.

We present artists Tom Volkaert, Stef Van Looveren, Leo Luccioni, Robuche, Touche-Touche, Anna Aagaard Jensen, Schimmel & Schweikle, Carlo Lorenzetti, Nicolas Erauw, Thomas Ballouhey, Daan Gielis, Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx, Carolin Gieszner, Theo Demans, Nicholas Riis and Theophile Blandet.