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Everyday Gallery

Based in Antwerp in the new architectural district of the south, Everyday Gallery describes itself as a time capsule for future artistic references. With a mindset between the artist-run space and a commercial gallery, we display trans-disciplinary artists who dive deep into the radical world of fine and functional arts. With the world of art and design brutally colliding, the emphasis is put on the plasticity of the workflow. Shapes are shifting and lines entangled, giving a new territory for us to explore.

As a gallery, Everyday mimics these mutations and allows its exhibition space to be modular and uncanny, giving to its artists and visitors a new model in which staticity is scarce.

Due to COVID-19, drastic safety measures to our everyday life have been announced by the Belgian


We have decided to keep the gallery closed until the 6th of April in full support of this decision.

Our paramount concern is both the safety and well-being of all people and our joint responsibility to minimise any risks involved.

However instead of not acting, we’ll try to live up to our position as an avant-garde art gallery working with artists who’re strongly rooted in today’s late capitalist society.

Artists are our primary tentacles or feelers in this rapidly changing world.

Therefore we hope to be in a primary position to respond to the challenges and opportunities

resulting from these dire circumstances.

YYY x Fragille

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30 19.04.2020

'EURO NEU MODE' Digital Exhibition

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