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Everyday Gallery

Based in Antwerp in the new architectural district of the south, Everyday Gallery describes itself as a time capsule for future artistic references. With a mindset between the artist-run space and a commercial gallery, we display trans-disciplinary artists who dive deep into the radical world of fine and functional arts. With the world of art and design brutally colliding, the emphasis is put on the plasticity of the workflow. Shapes are shifting and lines entangled, giving a new territory for us to explore. As a gallery, Everyday mimics these mutations and allows its exhibition space to be modular and uncanny, giving to its artists and visitors a new model in which staticity is scarce.


09.07 06.09.2020

'A tree full of splinters'

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09.07 06.09.2020


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'Euro Neu Mode' Digitally rendering imagined artspaces in time of social distancing:

At Everyday Gallery the constraints of COVID’s lockdown have generated a series of new digital artworks by the gallery’s artists.

While closing and learning about the restrictions on visiting art spaces, the gallery thought ahead. Giving the artists a wild card to imagine their ideal setting to present their works, these environments were digitally rendered as fictive exhibitions. That way a utopian presentation of their sculptures and paintings could be made, and shared online, in times of social distancing.

Wild at heart (as the gallery loves its artist), their imagined settings bring the viewer from a storage to a far off Jordanien temple. Using the artist’s mind’s eye and a team of highly qualified render makers, their dreams were solidified and made sharable online.

The artists involved in this project are Stéphane Abitbol, Jean-Baptiste Janisset, Paul Ferens & Charles Benjamin, and Villard & Brossard.

Video Animation design by Orson Oxo Van Beek

Artworks by Stéphane Abitbol, Jean-Baptiste Janisset, Paul Ferens & Charles Benjamin, and Villard & Brossard.

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