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Adrien Vermont


Born in 1981, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Adrien Vermont’s work presents the crossroads of parietal caves, social sciences and early cartoons of the 30’s.

Through referencing ancient Egypt to nowadays vandal graffitis, Vermont redefines the basics of drawing, taking it to new fields of exploration.

Radical in figuration until abstraction, the minimalism of its forms favors a strong and thick line that clearly structures the surface of the canvas.

Losing the binary opposition between drawing and painting and overly restrictive dogmas in general, he prefers an approach where opposites are complementary and where the apparent simplicity of his forms give way to a complex reading of the history of art.

Recently, his main theme has been the ambivalent relationship that humankind builds to Nature, proposing an engaged - yet amusing - body of works staging speaking animals about their own condition.

Graduated from the Beaux Arts of Paris, his work has been shown in galleries, museums in a large part of Europe.



2017 " Same Old Shit (with some new proposals though)“, Polaris gallery, FR

“Drawing as painting”, Le Salon, Anvers, BE

2016 “Studies” , Art on paper, Polaris gallery, BOZAR, BE

2014 “Une partie de campagne”, Saint Briac, FR

“A surnatural history”, Galerie Polaris, Paris, FR


2018 “White blood blue night”, CAC la traverse, Alfort-ville, FR

“Traversée renarde”, transpalette, Bourges, FR

“Bifurquer”, Art center of Pont-Scorff, FR

2017 “Natural Capital”, BOZAR, Brussels, BE

“Draw me a thing", White circle, Brussels, BE

“Watch out", The crypt, Brussels, BE

“Traversées renardes", Transpalette, Bourges, FR

“White blood blue night", CAC la traverse, Alfort-ville, FR

2016 “Des liaisons dangereuses", Polaris gallery Paris FR

2015 “Furiosité”, gallery Frederic Lacroix, curator Julie Crenn Paris FR

“Biblioteca”, Underconstruction gallery, curator Katarina Stella, Paris FR

“Ca ira mieux demain”, ALB gallery curator Leo Dorfner, Paris FR

“Confort moderne”, Clovis XV, Brussels BE

2014 “Histoires naturelles”, Musée Robert Dubois-Corneau, FR

“À quoi pense le dessin?”, EESAB, Lorient, FR

2013 “Teken”, Other space, Gent, BL Curator : Julie Crenn

2012 “Steaks, drawings and other stories”, MCA of Madeire, PT

2010 “Trait pour trait”, Beyrouth, LB

2009 “Cheval de Troie”, CAES, Ris-Orangis, FR

2008 “3 young guns”, Traffic gallery, Paris, FR

“Figuration de l’imaginaire”, gallery Saavedra, Barcelona, SP

“Sans Titre”, CAES, Ris-Orangis, FR


2017 M.A.D Multiple Art Days, Maison rouge, Paris, FR

2016 “Studies” , Art on paper, Polaris gallery, BOZAR, BE

2015 Drawing now, Paris, FR

2014 Art Brussels, Brussels, BE

2008 Slick art fair, Paris, FR


2011 Lauréat of the 3rd price of the Drawing Price David Weill, Paris, FR

2009 Selected for the Drawing Price David Weill, Paris, FR

Selected for the Marin Price for drawing and painting, Arcueil, FR