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Dittmar Viane

Dittmar Viane (Born in 1998, Izegem, Belgium) is a painter who lives and works Waregem, Belgium. He recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Ghent where he received his ‘Master degree in Illustration’.

With his figurative oil paintings on, Dittmar Viane tries to visualize personal and fictional stories that are set in a self-created landscape. Inspired by the paintings of the late Middle Ages and the following northern Renaissance, he paints strange scenes and absurd situations that are characterized by a combination of absurdity, humor, naivety, mystery, silence, loneliness and (sur)realism.

The detailed works are a way to illustrate and experience his made-up world, a place he would like to discover in reality, build from his fascination for nature, music, animals and medieval history. Also contrasts are often present in different ways and encourage him to search for balance and/or a certain tension that he likes.


Group exhibitions

2020 Graduation at the Zwarte Zaal, KASK Royal Academy of Fine arts, Ghent, Belgium

2019 Gewankel, De Broederij, Ghent, Belgium


2019 - 2020 KASK Royal Academy of Fine arts, Master in Illustration, Ghent, Belgium

2016 - 2019 KASK Royal Academy of Fine arts, Bachelor in Illustration, Ghent, Belgium