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Jacopo Pagin


Jacopo Pagin lives and works in Brussels.

The elements that animate Jacopo Pagin's environments are orchestrated to formulate enigmas. Visually, painting plays the central role, while sound forms the magical and invisible backbone of the scene. Both Pagin's performances and sound sculptures have a distinct musical feature. Dilated trance and Ambient soundscapes host spoken word poetry. The text is interpreted by digitally altered voices that draw the audience into an immersive listening experience. Costumes, dance and stage structures tactfully reconnect the dialogue between sound and painting.

In Pagin's visual language, he is initially inspired by nature, then intuitively drawn into psychological investigations. During this process, Pagin tries to overcome the personal and autobiographical dimension in order to establish symbolic ties with collective temporality and spirituality. In this perspective, the unconscious dimension is combined with images from his research. Pagin views painting as a formidable device, like a time machine, through which he can re-use and reinterpret the gestures and techniques of the past to continually re-identify himself through diverse means.

Mimicry, disguise and the exercise of impersonation have led him to embrace and internalise contradictions connecting abstraction and figuration, expression and mannerism, illusion and decoration, religion and mundanity. The opportunities for a 'mise-en-scène' lay the foundations of the narrative within his settings.


2018 MFA at LUCA, school of art, Brussels

2013 degree at Academy of Fine Arts of Venice

2010/now Member and founder of the project Raskol’nikov



Here on Earth - Cunst-link, Brussels - (Solo show)

Two of Hearts - SB34 the Pool, Brussels - (as Curator)

Savage - Galleria Otto Zoo, Milan

The Good the Purple the Weird - HVW8 Gallery, Berlin

Answers Come In Dreams - 46,4, Brussels - (Solo show)

Waterworlds and Liquid Fun - Chalton Gallery, London

Heat Company IIII - After Howl, Brussels

Velvet Ropes - Showhouse JayJay, Antwerp

Une Poesie Contemporane - La Vallée, Brussels

Supermarket Art Fair with SB34 space, Copenaghen

GIFC, Got it for Cheap - Costume House, Toronto + Agnes B Headquarter, Paris + The Hole, NY + Soil Gallery, Seattle + Western Exhibitions, Chicago + DATELINE , Denver.


Meeting old Friends - W139, Amsterdam

LUX”. Cas-co, Leuven

To Flower to Flow - Luca graduation show, Brussels


GIFC, Got it for Cheap - The Hole, NYC + Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo + Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm + 0-0 LA, Los Angeles, CA + Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta...

Studi Festival - (111), Milan

Sul Fenomeno - Fondazione Vignato, Vicenza


Numen - CB32, Milan - (Solo show)

Totem - Studio Barbara Marsiletti, Vicenza - (Solo show)

Schwer Horen - Galerie Herold, Bremen “NeoDogi”. Oratorio di San Ludovico, Venice “Di Carta/Papermade, International biennial of paperworks”. Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio


Thaumàzein, Jacopo Pagin & Giulio Saverio Rossi - Castello Malaspina di Massa Carrara - (Duo show)

L’abito del Male - Fondazione La Madusa, Pinacoteca Civica, Este, Padova


Credo Quia Absurdum Est - Complesso Monumentale di S. Silvestro, Abbazia S. Silvestro - (Solo show)

L.I.R.A. - Urban Center, Bassano del Grappa


Jacopo Pagin Solo Exhibition - Laboratorio Alchemico, Turin - (Solo show)

Corpo Circuito - Bunker C4 Gallery, Caldogno, Vicenza

Biennale di Incisione ‘Sandro e Marialuisa Angelini’ - Galleria d’arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo


Jacopo Pagin, Human Be-In - Fluida Gallery, Venice - (Solo show)

Fluxus Concerts - in “The Small Utopia. Ars Multiplicata” (performer for Fluxus Events), Fon- dazione Prada, Venice

Foetus Frolics - Corpo 6 Gallery, Berlin

GrassRoots - Magazzini del Sale, Venezia

Essai(Y) - Magazzino del Sale3, Accedemia di Belle Arti, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia “...Et Noli Contristari”. Chiostro di San Giovanni, Brescia

Corpo Ex/Posto - De Portesio 2010, International exhibition of Print art - Fondazione Comi- nelli, Bre- scia; Magazzino del Sale3, Venezia; National Academy of Fine Arts, So a