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Jenna Kaës

Jenna Kaës is a French product designer who currently lives and works in Paris. With a focus on giving shape to mysticism today, her objects reflect on people’s unconscious, their love, their fears, and how to memorialize death in a contemporary setting. Her work also includes collaborations with companies which utilize traditional artisanal crafts, designing objects which perpetuate arcane techniques. Kaës holds a master degree in design for luxury and craftsmanship from écal (Switzerland).


2106 MAS in design for luxury and craftsmanship, ÉCAL, Lausanne, Switzerland

2013 Master in design, HEAR Strasbourg, France


Gothic revival- A Gothic lounge, Southway pavillon, Marseille, Fr


Room 236, cur. Anne Bourassé, Galerie Chloé Salgado, Paris, Fr

La Pièce dans le Coin, cur. Ligia Dias, Complete Works, Geneva, Ch

Jenna Kaës x Delvaz Project, cur. Jay Ezra Nayssan, OVR on

Objects with Love, cur. Connie Hüsser, Elac, Lausanne, Ch

Anima Mundi, cur. Luciani et Cosson, Abbaye Saint Victor, Marseille, Fr


Horology, cur. Elizabeth Jaeger and Silke Lindner-Sutti, Jack Hanley, New-York, Usa

De toute façons, cur. studio GGSV, Le Signe, Chaumont, Fr

The Corner Piece 3, cur. Ligia Dia, Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbonne, Pt

Hors Pistes, MUDAC, Lausanne, Ch

Les chemins du sud, cur. Luciani et Cosson, MRAC, Sérignan, Fr

Vis à Vis, cur. Gao Fengfeng, Shenzhen design Week, MoCA, Shenzhen, Cn

Ecal design for Luxury and Craftsmanship, National Design Centre, Singapore, Sg


Hors Pistes Nuuk, Grand Hornu, Boussu, Be

Motifs all over - cur. Nelly Rodi - VIA, Paris

Lost and Found, MadLab, Design September, Bruxelles, Be

Ecal design for Luxury and Craftsmanship, The Mass, Tokyo, Jp

Lazare, Sacra Conversazione II, cur. Luciani et Cosson, Southway Studio, Marseille, Fr

Annex, cur. Jay Ezra Nayssan, M+B, Los Angeles, Ca


Hors Pistes, Lokal Museum, Nuuk, Gl

Design Parade 12, Villa Noailles, Hyères, Fr

Medusa, Musée d’art moderne, Paris, Fr

London craft week, V&A, Londres, Gb

Art of celestial mechanics , SIHH, Genève, Ch