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Everyday Gallery

Loïc Devaux


Loïc Devaux (b. 1997, Antwerp) is a Belgian painter whose work is a direct approach

towards putting out interests and memories. Regularly including friends and family,

the result often is very autobiographical. Still, there is always an element the viewer

could relate to, either in setting or situation.

It was only upon graduating from De Kunsthumaniora in applied arts, the artist had

developed an interest in painting which he tried to pursue in higher educational

institutions only to experience a lack of space given, both physically and mentally. As

a result, the work may look naive but is always serious and reasoned in ideology.

Very common to his practice is the use of patterns. They resemble the artists desire

for repetition and daily routine. They also create a hypnotic effect when used in

abundance which makes you look into something that’s not expected to be done by

hand. This is one of the few elements making you truly look into the work as most

paintings are more easily observed from a distance. Not only because of their

dimensions but also because of their vibrant fields of acrylic paint and multiple

outlines in oil pastel.


2018 Ongezien, BP-Building, Antwerp, BE

Sound of M, M-Museum, Leuven, BE

2019 At Random, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, BE

2020 Limbo, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, BE


2019 Can’t Make The Scene If You Don’t Have The Green

Antwerp Art Weekend, YUST Housing, Antwerp, BE

2020 Tears of a Clown, The Cabin, Los Angeles, US


2020 La Brea Studio Residency, Los Angeles, US