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Marria Pratts


"The artist shows habits and stereotypes through a critical vision of reality. A strong, boisterous, and ironic speech that takes the street as its main stage. My work investigates the most uncomfortable and corrupted in today's society. What inspires me is the street, it is to go down and see great things, much etter than in books". - Marria Pratts, 2020

The work of Marria Pratts (b.1988) maintains a hopeful and optimistic halo through the spontaneity of its themes, the naive style drawings, or the use of bright colors. It is a fresh and lucid work inspired by the artist's specific environment.



“Sad City”, Galeria L&B contemporary art, Barcelona, Spain
"Time is Sick", Sade Gallery, Los Angeles
"Selfie Corner", Matadero, Center for Contemporary Creation, Madrid, Spain
"Your Style Is So So", Garros Roland Gallery, Essen, Germany
"El Refugi", MACBA, Barcelona
"Nou Somni", La Puntual Gallery, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
"Linia Deliri", Ús Barcelona and Otromba, Budapest, Hungary


“Punk. His traces in contemporary art ”(MACBA, Barcelona, Spain
CA2M, Madrid and Artium Museum, Vitoria
"Got It For Cheap" David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen
Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm and Agnes B, Paris, France
"Seriot", Andén, Barcelona, Spain
"A Tutiplén", Watdafac, Madrid; “La Balada de Wendy Entre d’Autres”, ADN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
"Days in the Basement", Roser 99, Barcelona, Spain