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Max Kesteloot

Max Kesteloot, 1990 (BE) works in the fields of visual arts within all its aspects. Max is also teaching at LUCA school of arts, Ghent. Where he’s currently instructing Mixed Media – second bachelor interior design.



PHILOSOPHY OF ADAPTATION Groupshow at NIGHTTIMESTORY July 2021, Los Angeles (US) Duoshow with atelier Pica Pica at Gevaertsdreef 01 September 2021, Oudenaarde (BE)

NEYBOR Group show at NEYBOR. November 2020 - Februari 2021, Brussels (BE) With works Ilan Weiss, Vincent Chenut, Heidi Ukkonen & others. Curated by Demain.

NINE TOOLS AND SOME FRAGMENTS Soloshow at NO/ gallery October – November EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARI 2021, Ghent (BE)


GOOD LOST CORNERS, PLACES THAT APPEAL TO ME Soloshow at September – November 2020, Brussels (BE) Curated by Tania Nasielski & Carine Fol

STAYCATION Groupshow at Barbé Urbain Gallery. August – September 2020, Ghent (BE)

ZOMERSALON Groupshow at Kunsthal Ghent July – August 2020, Ghent (BE)

EINMAL ALLES - ALLES EIN MAL Groupshow at Goeben Berlin July 2020, Berlin (DE)

RAUS PROJECT VOL. 2 May 2020 Groupshow in Hamburg (DE) - Curated by Pol Summer

REFLECTIONS IN TRANSITION December 2019 – January 2020 Groupshow at Barbé Urbain Gallery, Ghent (BE) With Marlies De Clerck, Erlend Grytbakk Wold, Max Kesteloot, Natasja Mabesoone & Marijke Vasey.

EXPOSURE December 2019 Groupshow at mjfinearts, Ghent (BE) With amongst others, Sybren Vanoverberghen, Felix Fasolt & Willem Boel.

ARTCONTEST September – October 2019, groupshow at Espace Vanderborght, Brussels (BE) With Bas Van Den Hout, Léo Luccioni, Lien Van Ranst, Luke James, Maika Garnica, Marlies De Clerck, Max Kesteloot, Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni, Natasja Mabesoone & Yoel Pytowski. Granted 2nd laureate with both the Prize Collectioneurs et Amateurs d’art as well as the Prize CENTRALE for contemporary art during the 15th ArtContest!

(TUIN)FEEST & VEILINGEN August 2019, museum Dhondt Daenens - Flanders Expo, Ghent (BE)

Biënnale van België III June 2019, Floraliënhal (SMAK) Ghent (BE) Festival van Belgische hedendaagse kunst - curated by 019 Ghent.

TROPICAL NIGHT May - June 2019, soloshow at 019, Ghent (BE)

ASANNAT May – June 2019, groupshow, Ostend (BE) With Atelier Pica Pica, Dieter Durinck, Leo Gabin, Lucas Dupuy, Manor Grunewald, Max Kesteloot & Simon Laureyns.

FEET FIRST FAIR June 2019, Independent art- & publishing fair; Brussels/Ostend (BE) Residency at ‘woning Vanwassenhove – Juliaan Lampens’ January 2019, Curated by museum Dhondt Daenens – Deurle (BE)

SALON BLANC 37 February 2019, groupshow at Salon Blanc, Ostend (BE) Max Kesteloot, Simon Laureyns, Yoann Van Parys. Curated by Els Wuyts.

NEIGHBOURS VOL. 8 'ARTIST COLLECTIONS' February – March 2019, groupshow at RIOT, Ghent (BE) Groupshow with an insight in personal private collections of Leo Gabin, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Xavier Mary, Max Frintrop, Manor Grunewald. Works by, amongst others, Landon Metz, Harmony Korine, Eric Croes, Benoit Platéus, Julien Meert, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Max Kesteloot, Peppi Bottrop, Tobias Hofknecht, William Crawford, & Walter Swennen. Curated by Manor Grunewald.

NEIGHBOURS Extended call Pt. 3 September 2018, groupshow at Subsidiary Projects, London (UK) Curated by Nelle Gevers & Billy Fraser. Ghent Art Book Fair May 2018, 019 – Ghent (BE) Screening of film Spot Spots – prologue due to circumstances