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Everyday Gallery

Steven Carpenter


Steven Carpenter is an emerging artist based in Austin Texas, working primarily in oils. His paintings explore existential curiosity, identity, spirituality, worldview, and subjectivity, typically with an absurdist twist. Aesthetically, his work balances a juxtaposition of old master inspired indirect painting techniques with 3D sculpted digital references. Grisaille, is a painting by which an image is executed entirely in shades of gray and usually severely modeled to create the illusion of sculpture, which translucent oil colors are laid over a monotone underpainting. For my “digital grisaille” pieces I digitally sculpt a 3D artwork and have it printed as a high quality giclee in greyscale on canvas. Then all the color is painted over completely by hand with many layers of transparent glazes of oil paint. I like this process conceptually as it merges traditional/digital art techniques into one. With my normal oil paintings I use a similar process but also paint the greyscale grisaille layer completely by hand. There is no digital print involved in those paintings at all. I simply sculpt the artwork digitally and use that image as a reference, in the same way an artist would paint a live portrait.


Primarily self-taught.


Solo Exhibitions


Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (forthcoming)


Fake Deep Deep Fake, Martha’s Contemporary, Austin, Texas

Select Group Exhibitions


Art Rotterdam, Everyday Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Nude, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Grand Opening, Gallery Colondro, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Got It for Cheap, Shrine, New York, New York

While Supplies Last, The Mount Analogue, Seattle, Washington


Got It for Cheap, Martha’s Contemporary, Austin, Texas