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Carolin Gieszner and Théo Demans work and live together as the couple duo touche—touche.

They developed a hybrid creation process by placing their work in the scenographic realm as much as the curatorial practice and that of functional installations.

Moving from the museum to the theatre world, designing night clubs or a recording studio to immersive cinema rooms and galleries they are implementing their practice through a collaborative journey.



Moulures Spé

Excavations (with Thomas Ballouhey)

Looping Glass I&II

‘Le trogloxène’ {curated by Théo Demans} - Déborah Bowmann, Bruxelles, B.

The We and The Living

‘We couldn’t find the door’ {curated by Morph and Chloé Royer} - Bel Animals Fey Art, Chateau du Fey, Fr.

Sub-antic Crackossians slabs ⊢ Alfa.Brussels, {curated by Boris Devis} - Alcova, Milano, It.

Mnetonimic Pneumatophores


Dissolving views {curated by Morph} - Alcova Sassetti, Milan, It.

Calor Calor Tefal Effectis

Travis Pass

In real Life {curated by Boris Devis} - Everyday Gallery YYY, Antwerp, Be.

Casa casino ⊢ Palace Of Play, {curated by Morph} - Alfa.Brussel,Brussel, Be.


Wheelie ‘Elderly for « Progress Versus Regress » Ft Mélanie Bonajo ⊢ Nam June Paik

Award {curated by Hanne Mugaas, Kristina Scepanski, Anne-Claire Schmitz } - Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster, D.

Self Elf ⊢ The Death Of Melanie Bonajo, . {curated by Geir Haraldseth} - Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht, Nl.

Laconicum ⊢ 12 Monde, Jahr der Frau. {curated by Vera Hofmann} - Schwules Museum, Berlin, D.

Eilen for « Fake Paradise» Ft Carolin Giessner & Mélanie Bonajo ⊢ Blind Faith {curated by Julienne Lorz, Daniel Milnes, and Anna Schneider} - Haus Der Kunst, Munich, D.


Single Mother Songs From The End Of Nature sceno. Ft Mélanie Bonajo {curated byFranzizka Nori} - Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, D. - Ordalie, L’opéra sportif de Mortal Recording {self curated with Erwan Sene & Raphael Rossi} - La Capella, Paris, Fr.

Karmax and Geish, Au delà du bien et du bad {selfcurated by Le Marquis} - La Capela, Paris, Fr.