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Valentin Vie Binet & Romy Texier

Valentin Vie Binet (b.1996) is a French artist based in Pairs. His practice started at 16 when working as a construction worker, repaving the cobblestone streets with cement. One day, a dog ran threw the fresh cement leaving his track behind him. As frustrating as this was, the little paw imprints was a creative epiphany for Valentin who had always seen this material for its constructive practicality. This is when he decided he had to dedicate his time to the craftsmanship of cement in its ambivalence.

Romy Texier (b. 1995, in San Francisco, California) who lives and works in Paris. Driven by the idea of anthropomorphic potential of the inanimate, Romy explores how to reach the esthetic potential of objects. Using the domestic space as a visual playground, she creates intimate displays as a home for the object. In the manner of a fetishist, the object of desire takes a central importance in her practice. Rather than a space for the purpose of warmth and comfort for humans, the furniture functions as pedestals where the objects reside.


N°1 Window is a tapestry confectioned with the idea of defining a living space with the obsession of an «ensemblier».

It is somewhat of an out of date practice in which an artist or craftsman arranges a room in a home using principals of harmony between the furniture and the decoration. The artists wanted to incorporate that role by creating a catalog of morphic ornaments mixing digital material with painting.

Window N.1, a 14 threaded tapestry weaved in Aubusson, is composed from this catalogue constituted of a range of 3D scans of flowers2 and painted shapes3. A result amongst other, this tapestry is one of the many possibilities of assemblages that this library of shapes and matters allows.

Ideally this tapestry would live amongst other ornamented objects and through shape and pattern would perfectly assemble in a utopic arrangement of space.