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Everyday Gallery

Yoel Pytowski


Yoel Pytowski is an Israel born artist/set designer (1986).

For Everyday, he installed a footwalk covering the entire first wing of the gallery. A massive catwalk build of wooden panels and concrete. The space is overtaken by a moonlike feeling of excavation, finding its way around the different other artworks. This showcases Yoel Pytowski's ability to infuse, with partial moderation, his narrative in every given container.

In his in situ installations Yoel Pytowski place the space and its questioning as a central narrative element, evoking in the site events of construction, destruction and reconstruction from the past or the future. By creating negative space or by introducing new physical elements into it’s surroundings, his work blurs the conventional perception of the existing space in which these elements — most of them concrete — seem to emerge from, or disappear into, the ground. This interaction forms an ambiguous situation where it’s difficult to discern the artists work in a singular way.

Pytowski’s architectural interventions generate an irresolute strangeness that give a certain porosity to the accommodating space and question it. This creates a distance between the observer and the identity of the space, provoking, in turn, a new way of perceiving the surrounding context.

Yoel Pytowski grew up in more than five different countries, and feeling no national link to any of them, his relationship to identity and place is marked by displacements, mobile and blur landmarks, as well as cultural and social contrasts. His childhood and adolescence took place in houses that were under construction, which developed his fascination towards changing structures and space. He attempts to question the paradigms of these themes by exploring the domains of architecture, writing and drawing.